Engine Purchasing 

Need a Pre-Planned Engine Asset? Or an asset for AOG purposes. Our vendors have a cycling supply of engine types for this scenario.

Engine Lease Consultancy

Your budget may suit monthly installments over a one-off payment. We can propose and manage a payment plan to suit your business plan.

Engine Cores

Are you an MRO building engines to spec? Buying engine cores can be a cost effective way to build fully serviceable assets for your airline clients. 

Ad-Hoc Parts for Rebuilds

We also provide ad-hoc quotes for any aircraft parts, from disks to fan blades, air seals and vanes. Contact us for your quotes.

Company Portfolio & Existing Customers

Working closely with direct owners, airlines and established MRO’s, Aero Services Consulting takes advantage of their broad network of EASA 145, Part 21 G/J and FAA approved facilities meaning you can assure high confidence in the
assets and parts you are buying.

We are proud to have worked with the below companies on projects and assignments

This one of the things we do best

Finding your aircraft part or engine is the easy bit. It’s the management of contracts, paperwork, payments and delivery where Aero Services Consulting really shines. 

Experience gained from past purchases and success is key to a successful transaction. 

Message us. It will only take a minute.

Aero Services Consulting Founder

Our Founder, Ian Davies is an experienced Aviation Manager with a demonstrated history of working in multiple parts of the aviation industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Charter Sales, Flight Planning, Asset Management, Aviation Consultancy, Customer Service and Airports he comes from a strong operations background backed up with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) focused in Airline and Airport Operations from The Aviation Academy – Leeds Airport, United Kingdom. 

Always Strive to Keep things Simple!

Ian Davies

Founder & CEO

(BTech) National Diploma in Airline and Airport Operations. Leeds Aviation Academy, United Kingdom

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mro support

stores support

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You can send us a request direct by filling out the form below. Please ensure to give us as much information as possible so that we can assist to our best ability.

You can also call us on +44(0)1244 796 971 or email direct to

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