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Landing Gear Support and Repair

Our founder has a deep technical knowledge on Airbus, Boeing and ATR landing gears. This technical experience allows us to reduce cycle times, forecast high probability out of scope repairs and ensure the highest quality of rework is being performed. All of these benefits help to reduce your operational costs enabling you to pass along greater savings to your customers without compromising the quality and importance of your work.


B727 Variants
B737CL Variants
B737NG Variants
B747 Variants
B757 Variants
B767 Variants
B777 Variants
A320 Family
A330 Family
ATR42 Variants
ATR72 Variants
Fokker 50
Fokker 100
EMB 120
ERJ 145E
JetsMilitary Gears (C-130, KC-135, P3)

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